Customs, Duties, and GST
Customs, Duties, and GST

For any purchased valued at $1,000 NZD or greater

  • You are liable for Duty and GST upon that Duty. The amount of duty will be determined after being assessed by NZ Customs. Parcelmate will collect GST and remits directly to the New Zealand government on your behalf. 

    Fees you will be charged:

    Brokerage Fee of NZD $65 (Inc. GST) to complete and submit the import entry (includes Tariff classification)

    All shipments, either commercial or private, with a value over NZD$1,000.00 require formal clearance through NZ Customs. You will need a NZ Customs Client Code and the Supplier Code of the sender of the goods.

    For any purchased valued between $400-$1,000 NZD

  • NZ Customs require consignments valued between NZD$400 to $1,000 to go through tariff classification for risk assessment purpose.

  • Fees you will be charged:

    Brokerage Fee of $35 (Inc. GST) to conduct NZ Customs tariff classification

  • 15% Fee (paid to the New Zealand government on the value of items being imported)
    This will also apply to services, insurance and the shipping cost.

    For duty calculation, please visit:

    Consolidation, Insurance, Oversized Package and Shipping costs etc