Shipping Methods

—— Parcelmate LCL shipment service ——


China to New Zealand

Service Quote*      
LCL shipment $399/first cubic meter, $299 for following cubic meter      

*Quotation is sea freight from China warehouse to NZ warehouse, delivery is at your cost or contact us for quotation.

—— Our brokage fees per order ——

Order Value*(per shipment) Client Code Brokage Fees Duty and Tax*
$400-1000* No $35 No
>$1000* Yes $85* Yes

*The order value includes the freight cost

*Brokage fees $85 includes 5 lines, additional line $2 per line

*Duty and Tax Calculation: Import GST 15% total value of the packages and freight cost

—— Special services charges ——

Photo taken per shipment: $5/shipment


Insurance value is 1.5% of the total package value (exclude freight cost)





                            (Insurance covers any lost or any cause of broken items up to $600 NZD per order. Click here for further details.)

For fragile items, it is your responsibilty to wrap them well make sure they are not damaged during shipping. Insurance is not covered for fragile items if they are broken. Alternatively, using our inhouse packing service to protect your fragile item:

Wooden frame 

Volume m³ Wooden Frame Wooden Box
0.2m³ $20.00 $30.00
0.3m³ $30.00 $40.00
0.4m³ $35.00 $45.00
0.5m³ $40.00 $55.00
1m³ $45.00 $95.00
2m³ $70.00 $145.00


——Other charges ——

Arrived at New Zealand (only charged when happened)

Service MIP Application MPI Inspection Assistant Custom Inspection Assistant
LCL shipment $30 $55 $65

*Fees apply either Weight, size or length overed

*Fees apply nation wide

—— Storage fees ——

China Warehouse (only charged when exceed free storage)

Service Free storage Exceed Auctions
Small parcels 30 Days >30 days, $0.2 NZD/Day >60 days, Abandend
LCL shipment 30 Days >30 days, $6.0 NZD/Day/m³ * >60 days, Abandend

*Same charge If under 1 cubic meters

*The fees still apply if caused by MPI or Custom inspections

—— Other Fees May Apply——

There are some circumstances your parcels are randomly picked by MPI or custom. They will inspect and evaluate the shipment, they may require for further actions eg. fumigation, destruction or cleaning fees. The procedures may cost very high. Please check all the requirements before ship.

                   Inspection occurred by MPI or others, It will be charged accordingly.
More operation required, please contact us for quotation.