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"I was sceptic and nervous about the process of using a package forwarding company. I tried Parcelmate and everything was simple, clear and fast. I will definitely use this service again."  Ian 
"The service I got from Parcelmate was great and it's so simple to use. Glad I found out about them." Jeremy
"Very good communication, very clear website and super fast shipping. I'm excited to use Parcelmate again. Thanks!"  Joseph 

In the past six months, my partner and I have used Parcelmate to move some things to New Zealand.  Parcelmate is very considerate to provide domestic packaging,  customs declaration and other services into New Zealand!  


Thank you Parcelmate! I have sent 6 kg clothing from China to AKL, their warehouse received my mutiple parcels from different merchants. they packed all the stuffs for me and shipped to my address only cost $34 nzd!!! what amazing service. I lov'it . Dora


It is hassle free service from Parcelmate, their team so easy to communicate.. for my LCL cargo, I have been deal with dedicated Client manager, I feel spoiled.   Crag. L

Crag .L
Superior Service on last mile delivery, it was surprised me on Saturday night, their staff work over the weekend to get job done.. good team
Susan Sun

I bought a massager chair from Made In China,  Parcelmate had handled whole process from supplier to my front door. it is so conveniet, and cheap rate for all in service. Thanks 

Grace Parker

Best tool to use it , now I do day to day shopping from oversea for my wardrobe,lol.. save me a lot of money..

Rebecca. W