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Parcelmate's offers an international parcel service that simplifies online shopping for consumers in New Zealand and China by providing a seamless cross-border shipping solution.

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Millions and Millions of Packages Shipped Since 2010

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Over 12 years experiences in shipping
15,30 Days Free Storage .
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Check our discounted shipping rate, you can have those hot items shipped right to your home
                   By Parcelmate Economy Sea Freight
                         Shipping cost Approx $750 NZD 
              Product value is around $580 NZD
                   By Parcelmate Economy Sea Freight
                         Shipping cost Approx $70 NZD 
           Product value is around $310 NZD 
                 By Parcelmate Economy Sea Freight
                    Shipping cost Approx $80NZD
                   By Parcelmate Economy Sea Freight
                      Shipping cost Approx $590 NZD
                   By Parcelmate Economy Sea Freight
                      Shipping cost Approx $8 NZD

What people are saying about parcelmate

Customer Reviews
Date: December 21, 2021
Thank you Parcelmate! I have sent 6 kg clothing from China to AKL, their warehouse received my mutiple parcels from different merchants. they packed all the stuffs for me and shipped to my address only cost $34 nzd!!! what amazing service. I lov'it . 

Date: Jan 15  2022
It is hassle free service from Parcelmate, their team so easy to communicate.. for my LCL cargo, I have been deal with dedicated Client manager, I feel spoiled.   Crag. L
Crag .L
Date: Aug 11, 2021
I bought a massager chair from Made In China,  Parcelmate had handled whole process from supplier to my front door. it is so conveniet, and cheap rate for all in service. Thanks 
Grace Parker