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ParcelMate affiliate members
My name is John and I can set up my own code, that's great!
a member of the Affiliate Program
Meet JohnParcelmate Affiliate allows you to design your own sharable discount code. For example, "Johnsgift". John can then share it to his friends or family members. It's easy to remember and use!
It's not only save my money but also earn money from Parcelmate!
a member of the Affiliate Program
Meet Alisa
Earn 10% commission on shipping, payable once a customer sends their first package. Earn commissions when they ship more packages.
When i first registered as an Affliliate memeber, i got a disount voucher instantly.
a member of the Affiliate Program
For every friend you invite, both of you will receive a discount voucher instantly. You can then use the discount on future orders.
I can share my affiliate code easily over social media. So simple!
a member of the Affiliate Program
Meet Adam
Many vloggers and influencers share their affiliate code in their social media, easily distributing it to all their followers!

 Why you should join our affiliate program 

Refer customers to Parcelmate
Highest commission in the industry Make 10% commission from the package fees for the first package shipped by your customer This is a residual income opportunity
Who can use our affiliate program?
You as a customer, referring your friends and family Bloggers Website Owners Store Owners
How to Start?
Sign up for our affiliate program here
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Our Affiliate program in brief 

  • -Commission is 10% from our mail out and consolidation fees for the first package shipped by each customer you send us
  • -Links with your affiliate ID are not necessary when you register your website in the affiliate account
  • -No cookie tracking in the user’s browser
  • -Payments are sent by PayPal, bank transfer (payment fees apply), or as shipping credit to your account. You can request payments directly through your account
  • -Payments are processed when you meet the requirements (our requirement is at least $50 at once)
  • -The activation of our affiliate program is free
  • -Business license is not necessary
  • -Can set up your own code (must be unique)
  • -Receive discount voucher instantly when you invite friends or followers.

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